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Them I could read draw, but I couldn't write. Now I can write, I can do shopping on the Internet, andcan do many things.then and now story time 意思 然后,现在故事时间 六年级英语作文用thenandnow写一篇myhome I live on the second floor of a


I think the life today is better than it was 50 years ago.We have better education.Especially girls have the same chance as boys in education.But at the same time,there are

Long long ago, many families had three or four children. They couldn t look after everyone well, so the children must do everything by themselves. They were too poor to go to

I'm going to have a picnic this weekend with my family. I will carry my camera to take some beautiful photos.And I'll buy a lot of food to eat and some drink to drink. I will go fishing when we meet rivers.I'm looking forward to my trip.

1.My favourite teacher is English teacher我最喜欢的老师是英语老师.2.She is nice and kind她很和善3.She is patient她很耐心4.She teaches us carefully她很耐心教我们5.She just likes our mother她就像我们的妈妈一样

i am going to have a busy weekend. on saturday morning i'm going to do my homework. on saturdayafternoon i'm going to go to the library to read books. on saturday evening i'm going to watch tv with myparents. on sunday morning i'm going to visit

英语作文【my changes】 there is a saying,”a girl changes fast in physical appearance from childhood to adulthood”. i just had my eighteen years birthday. it's certain that i have grown much more beautiful now. my biggest change is not the

my father is a xx(填写职业),he works hard everyday.in my opinion,he is so tall that he can protect us from any trouble.he is always amiable to me.i have learnt very much from him.he is a hardworking man,he often helps my mother with housework.i love him very much.i think he is the best.

i live on the second floor of a quiet community. my parents are both doctors and they work hard every day. i am a middle school student. i work hard at my study so i can always get good grades. i am friendly, kind, warm-hearted and generous. i often

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