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love the way you lie原唱是rihanna和eminem有一个叫J rice 翻唱的挺好听的

名叫 just-about enough

歌曲:just love me 歌手:chris cagle 专辑:chris cagle like a man that if you left him, you'd just have then just love me just love me

可能是just one last dance,满意请采纳哦~记得给问豆啊!

love the way you lie和Eminem合唱的LZ听的歌词是Just gonna stand there and hear me cry But that's alright because I love the way you lie, I love the way you lie 吧

你们都回答些什么啊,经典英文歌.是england dan & john ford coley的.歌词歌词:just tell me you love me many times, i wished you were here through the velvet shadows of my dreams many times, i wished you were near through the darkness as

just dance-----lady gaga

《me and you》 lucky twiceyou've been all around the world then search for life你在世界的每一个角落探寻着人生and have been lying on the bad time flow to mine在一个不当的时间随着时间的流逝来到我的身边unless like you are always first

my love 听听吧.嘻嘻.欢迎进入缘音娱乐网啦

if you - m(李珉宇)单曲辑<if you>总是让女人讨厌的我在我看来是这样却在看见你的第一眼就爱上了你因为这份爱情让我变成了傻瓜这种感觉好像在梦里一样让人不敢相信虽然不真实 但是感觉却很好我总是整天像飘在云彩里一样i just wanna be

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