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confident 形容词 "自信的"confidence 名词"自信"一个是形容词,一个是名词而己,confidence 常与with连用,表示对“人”或“事”自信.

confidence是名词,可以做主语,宾语等.如I am full of confidence.我自信满满.I just need confidence.我就是需要自信;固定短语 have the confidence of sth或have the



1.confident 2.permission 3.slightest 4.annoyed 5.fairly 6.to bother 7. to keep 8.passed &nbs


Gain confidence获得信心但从兼职开始是对冲风险并获得信心的一种方法.But starting part-time is one way to hedge the risks and gain confidence. 撒该新获得信心后的表现为今天富足的信徒树立了怎样的榜样?How does Zacchaeus'demonstration of his new-found faith become a model for wealthy believers today? 获得信心的关键是喜欢你自己.The key to confidence is liking yourself.

B 是一个固定词组,have confidence in oneself 对自己有信心

What we worry about is just that you are too self-confidence. 我们所担心的只是你太自信了."If one once loses self-confidence, he can never expect to be successful." "一个人一旦失去了自信心,就甭想获得成功." We can see his self-

作名词,词组lack of ,a lack of, She didn't attend the party for lack of confidence. 她没有参加这个聚会,因为她没有信心.(lack作名词, 与of搭配使用. 注意:名词lack绝对不能与for连用.) 作动词,直接跟宾语 lack something, She lacks confidence.她没有信心.lacking 是形容词,词组 be lacking in, She is lacking in confidence.她没有信心.(lacking作形容词用,前面有系动词,后面与in搭配使用.)

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