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可能有 have the benefit of sth 得益于某物 例:She had the benefit of a good education .她因受过良好教育而获益 of benefit to sb =to one's benefit 对某人有益[有用] 例:The money was of great benefit to me.=The money was to my great benefit .

benefit sb a lot get lots of benefit fromthere are many benefits to doing the benefit of sth the benefit of doing sth

benefit 英文发音:[benft] 中文释义:v.对(某人)有用;使受益;得益于;得利于 例句: Each family farms individually

Benefit的用法 1、用作名词.意思是:利益;好处 It is said Yogo is of great benefit to human health. 据说瑜咖功对人体健康有极大好处. I did it for his benefit. 我做这个是为了帮助他. 2、用作动词.(常与from

benefit from 得益于

(very) beneficial to our health对我们的健康(很)有好处lsbenefit是名词,beneficial才是形容词

1. he never hesitated to do the work that was (benefiting) us2. we (benefit from) regular exercise3. it is said Yoga (is beneficial to) human health(is/was) beneficial to = 是有益于benefit from = 受益于希望帮到了你,满意请及时采纳,谢谢.

benefit of cession(财产)让与权 reap the benefit of something从某事中获益,因…而获益,因…而得到好r处

我们从中获益We benefit from it. 相似句:I benefited from my mother's advice.我受益于母亲的劝告.We all benefited from his success.我们从他的成功中受益.

benefit是一个很重要的单词,首先要注意它的拼写,其次是词性 1.及物动词:对有好处eg.Exercise benefits our health. 2.不及物动词,长构成短语benefit from从得到好处.We can benefit from exercise. 3.名词, 好处,利益 I did it for your benefit. 4. 形容词 beneficial 短语be beneficial to eg. Exercise is beneficial to our health.

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