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《战狼》的英语影评100词左右:See the "wolf" when I xuemaibizhang excited. There is a large displacement of the assault rifle, a high - clear satellite, a full blood, of course, and the muscles of the hormone. The most expensive thing is, Wu Jing



Wolf Warrior 2 tells the story of a former Chinese Special Forces operative`s adventures journey to rescue compatriots and local friends in a war-torn region of Africa occupied by insurgents and mercenaries.《战狼2》讲述了一名中国特种部队前特

功夫熊猫(这个是最近的.) Or the dream factory has always been the high standard, the screen exquisite detail, vivid characters vivid, touching story twists and turns, the most important thing is it in the most simple and easy to understand that the

tatanic It's a very sad mobie.It told us a great love store.It told us find the ture love is the most iamporter in our lives. In the film.The store happened at 1912.Jack,a poor drawer got a ticket for the Tatanic by playing cards.To his surprises,he found his

First, to be sure, personal feeling this is our military to shoot the film more good-looking film of modern military movies, rejection of oratorio dozens of street, is worth to see, of course, the film of our army tactical applications, I a puppet fans point of

KuangFu Panda is an interesting movie.First, Po is a big panda,he is very fat,but he has his own dream.Po want's to be a Great master,to save people in bad life by kuangfu.The Shifu teachs him how to fight,and make him to save the world.At last,

I thought Chan Ho-sun's latest movie, American Dreams in China, would be a more masculine version of Zhao Wei's So Young. But not quite, as it turns out. 我曾以为陈可辛的新作《中国合伙人》会更像一部男版的《致青春》.但事实证明并非

Waiting is life original old WuShiXian movie alone waiting "and won a prize, saw the summer rain and LiBingBing collision, this is exciting. Movie describing the life is from Beijing, is also the contemporary young people, boring, fantasy, loss,

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