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有一首男女对唱的英文歌,大概歌词:BABy ,i'm thinking i'm wA...

你好!Bruno Mars-Marry You如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

歌名 think of you 歌词:Thinking of you I'm thinking of you All I can do is just think about you Thinking of you I'm thinking of you Whenever I'm blue I am thinking of you No matter how I try I don't find a reason why Believe me it's no lie I always have you

The Isley Brothers Busted

babyface - the loneliness

<i believe> Bro'Sis shaham) you know some people just don';;t know what i';;m talking about but i know you understand cause i know you believe chorus(faiz) baby i believe that you were ment for me and if there';;s somebody (uhuh) then baby i

Baby (Acoustic Version) - Justin Bieber Ohh wooaah Ohh wooaah Ohh wooaah You know you love me I know you care You shout whenever And I'll be there You want my love You want my heart And we will never ever ever be apart Are we an item Girl

baby, i love you [aretha franklin] 歌手:various artists 专辑:bobby [soundtrack] If you want my lovin'If you really doDon't be afraid, baby, just ask You know I'm gonna give it to youOh,and I do declareI wanna see you with itStretch out your arms, little

歌名:ohbaby][ar:rico love]rico love - ohbaby(lyrics by allen_cd@maxrnb)maximal r b - the freshest hottest r b hip-hop music!hold on don't say nothing i just wanna make sure that your eyes are working and what goes on here only concerns the two of

Justin Bieber--BabyOh woahOh woahOh woahYou know you love me, I know you careYou shout whenever, and I'll be thereYou want my love, you want my heartAnd we will never ever ever be apartAre we an item? Girl quit playingWe're just friends,

布兰妮的《crazy》Baby I'm so into you You got that something What can I do Baby You stood me around The earth is moving But I can't feel the ground Every time you look at me My heart is jumping It's easy to see loving you means so much more

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