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一、《浣溪沙.一曲新词酒一杯》宋.晏殊 一曲新词酒一杯,I compose a new song and drink a cup of wine 去年天气旧亭台.In the bower of last year when weather is as fine.夕阳西下几时回.When will you come back like the sun on the

《怨情 》 美人卷珠帘,深坐颦蛾眉. 但见泪痕湿,不知心恨谁.The quarrels with his feeling of beauty, deep sit Pin roll bead shade EMei. But see traces, do not know who hates wet heart.《春思》 燕草如碧丝,秦桑低绿枝. 当君怀归日,是妾

李白篇 送友人 青山横北郭 白水绕东城 此地一为别 孤蓬万里征 浮云游子意 落日故人情 挥手自兹去 萧萧班马鸣 Farewell To A Friend Green mountains bar the northern sky; White water girds the eastern town. Here is the place to say good-bye; You


先声明,不是机译,这都是一些网友翻译的送杜少府之任蜀州 城阙辅三秦, 风烟望五津. 与君离别意, 同是宦游人. 海内存知己, 天涯若比邻. 无为在歧路, 儿女共沾巾.FAREWELL TO VICE-PREFECT DU SETTING OUT FOR HIS

but wherefore do not you a mightier way make war upon this bloody tyrant, time? and fortify yourself in your decay with means more blessèd than my barren rime? now stand you on the top of happy hours, and many maiden gardens, yet unset, with

楼上的网址打不开 再别康桥 梁实秋先生翻译得很好Goodbye Again, Cambridge! I leave softly, gently, Exactly as I came. I wave to the western sky, Telling it goodbye softly, gently. The golden willow at the river edge Is the setting sun's bride.

1.The West Lake in June,when all is said and done For all the seasons never the 这是我找到的古诗翻译成英语的诗,我看了里面一些,翻译的很不错,希望楼主能满意

关于用英语翻译中国诗句篇一 赠汪伦 李白乘舟将欲行 忽闻岸上踏歌声 桃花潭水深千尺 不及汪伦送我情 To Wang Lun I, Li Bai, sit aboard a ship about to go When suddenly on shore your farewell songs o'erflow. However deep the Lake of Peach

a the youthful 中国你永远年青Among the many pretty ones, 万千佳丽,Only you do not use makeup. 唯有你不施脂粉.Your feelings are genuine, 一片纯情,You have a radiance all your own 光彩照人You are youthful! 你是青春!Among

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