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two-qualification certificate authentication

This proof before and photocopies of the bachelor's degree certificate of the original tally. The original "XX university" and the principal of the steel are true and the seal of XXX. Photocopies of the front with English translation and the original Chinese is the content望楼主采纳

Two-qualification certificate authentication

【英文公证格式】 According to school _______ issued the No.____diploma, certify that ______( male or female, birth on_____(如:11th November 2011)from ______to ____ in the city (county )study at_______secondary school, at _____,

NOTARIZED CERTIFICATE (Shēbainzhèdun Document No. xxxx)This is to certify the examination results slip of XXX for the period Sept 2011 to June 2014 issued by Guìyuán Secondary School of Shēnzhèn.The seal and the signature of XXX, the

公证书 加拿大安大略省省法 纽约地区司法 即: 为了一切人这些礼物可能会,被看到或者知道 我萨拉爱生,公证人,并为安大略省皇家管理局正式任命,在多伦多市居住,在上述省 ,做证明,并证明该文件所附的附加这里是一个真正的副本:

certificatesStudents * *, female, student id * * * * * * *, id number * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *.This was born in September 2007 so far in * * * * * * school * * * * institute of undergraduate study, the country admits record of formal schooling full-time eductional

xxx, gender:F/M;Day of birth: 1992 Feb 17He/she has undergone the five-year program in musical instrument performance professional course from 2004 Sep to 2009 Jul and has successfully passed all the courses. And he/she is awarded with the certificate in 2009 Jul.

参考翻译.建议你去威客中国发任务,这样得到的稿件肯定更专业. This is to certify that Lilei,female,born in 1988-01-01,was enrolled in XXUniversity,majoring in XX(four year full-time undergraduate education) in September 2006.She graduated in June 2009. XX Notary Public Office XX The People's Republic of China Notary XX mm-dd-yy

Certificate (2010) Ukraine *** Certificate Zi No. 9258 on January 16, 2010 to the Department. Apply for the Medical Center Hospital ** Regional *** issued by the Ministry of the "death certificate" authenticity notarized. According to "Chinese

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